Ammonia Chiller Manufacturer in India

Ammonia Chiller Manufacturer in India

What is cold storage facility and what is its significance?

The first compression machine, which was launched successfully to refrigerate item was being launched in the year 1834, by Mr. Jacob Perkins. The machine was integrated with four basic components that are being used till today, such as the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, and the expansion valve. The simple steps implemented in that ancient era built today’s modern system of refrigeration. Thus, if you are looking for the best ammonia chiller manufacturer in India, the information provided below will be helpful for you to know more about the system.

Why cold storage facilities are being used

In the developed countries like the US, China etc. a demand for convenience food is increasing exponentially, which in turn has been resulted in the construction of big cold storage facilities. These warehouses that are equipped with both freezers, as well as coolers, make use of ammonia as a refrigerant for maintenance of product quality as well as freshness, till the time they are being shipped for their use.

Thus, today every modern facility of cold storage maintains the product range of worth 10 million $ in the facility, in order to meet increasing demands.

Why is ammonia being used as a refrigerant

Ammonia has been the first choice of refrigerant, especially for large storage facility because of its production of the greatest net refrigerating effect as well as consumption of minimum electricity for every refrigeration cycle, which is convenient for any large-scale industry.

Although, ammonia is a toxic compound and if produced in a large scale can be quite irritating to the personnel around; and hence, proper precautions have to be taken in the area, as per guidelines proposed by the concerned regulatory authorities.

Accordingly, the modern refrigeration system is being designed and constructed in such a way, in order to avoid any accidental spillage as well as leakage of ammonia from the system, which can cause accidental injury or death. Accordingly, each and every person who is working in the manufacturing unit should understand the importance and should be fully trained in order to take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

What codes, as well as standards, are to be maintained?

Today’s modern refrigeration system has been designed and constructed to meet increasing demands of the convenience food, and thus incorporates large piping as well as vessels, which contain ammonia liquid as well as vapor. In order to maintain the quality as well as the integrity of the system, certain codes of practices have been established by the regulatory authorities to maintain a safe, smooth and easy process flow.

Further to which, in case of any requirement of repairing, it is essential to take the assistance of a qualified personnel only to maintain the mechanical integrity of the machine.

Thus, mechanical refrigeration system, which has been using ammonia as a refrigerator has been in practice since traditional time. However, today’s cold storage facility owners should assess further the operational reliability and maintenance of machine to avoid accidents.

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