Ammonia Valves in Delhi

Globe valves/Angle valves


Globe valves/Angle valves are avilable in flanged an screwed types and in size 1/4″to 12″ Globe valve permits the flow in the same direction whereas Angle valves Changes the flow of direction from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. The use of elbows & bends is thus eilminagted.

Needle valves


Needle valves are available in flanged as well as in screwed type. It covers from ¼ to 1” size.

Check valves


Check valves are available only in falnged type and in size from “1 to 8”. They are built for horizontal work and are of piston type. These are noiseless adn are efficient in allowing flow in one direction only.

Float valves


Float valves are available in screwed type and in size from ½”, ¾” & 1”. It controls the level of liquid orgas.

In Line Check valves


In Line Check valves are available in size “1 1/4 to 4”. These valves as compared to caoncentional check valves are compect in size occupies very littile space for installation. These valves can be installed in any position (Horizontal/vertical).

Safety valves


Safety valves are available in screwed type and in size from ½”& ¾”. They are made of high grade material and built with great precision and are normally set 250 pounds per square inch pressure. Higher or lower rating can be set on request.

Tee valves


Tee valves are available only in screwed type and in size from 1/2″to 1″. Large size can also be supplied on special order. It flows in two directions in angular from.

Strainer valves


Strainer valves are available in flanged and screwed types and in sizes from ½” to 4”. These are fitted with fine wire mash cloth of stainless steel so that no foreign matter of dust can enter the system.

Gauge valves


Gauge valves are avialable in screwed type only and in “1/2” size which show level of the liquid line through a special glass tube and are used in pairs.

Cast Steel Weld-in-Line valves (Socket Type)


Socket type weld-in-line valves, are available in size from ½” to 12”. They are well designed from some specific purpose in Refrigeration as well as other industries suitable for gases and liquids. They are made of steel and are directly welded with the pipeline eliminating flanged system. Therefore, they lighter in weight and provides simplified and low cost installations.

Dual Safety valve


Dual Safety valve Manifolds are available in screwed type and in 1/2″ 3/4 & 1″ size only on which two safety valves are installed and you can keep both the safety valves operactive or can cut off any valves as desired by you, which makes the system more safe. In any case you can not cut off both the valves simultaneously which will always ensure safety of your plant .

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