Chilled Water Systems

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled water systems are used not only in big industries but also in small ones. In fact, they are used in almost all households in Air Conditioners to provided controlled cooling mechanisms. With such a wide variety of uses, they are not only necessary for running the machinery, but also for keeping up with the working of the machinery. This is why it is important to buy the best quality chillers so that they work with your machines and not against them.

How they work

Chillers are used in industries by a large number of machines. In Industrial applications, the chilled water runs through the chiller and is pumped through the laboratory equipment. They are used for controlled cooling of products, factory machinery and mechanisms in almost all industries. They are commonly used in plastic industries, metalworking cutting oils, compressed air and gas cooling, paper and cement processing, welding equipment, -ray diffraction, die-casting and machine tooling, chemical processing, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical formulation, vacuum systems, analytical equipment, X power supplies and power generation stations and semiconductors.

Chilled Water Systems are used to dehumidify and cool the air in mid- to large-size CII facilities, which stands for commercial, industrial, and institutional. Water chillers can be water-cooled, air-cooled or evaporative cooled.

Water-cooled systems involve the use of cooling towers which help in improving the chillers thermodynamic effectiveness as compared to that of air cooled.

This is mainly due to heat rejection that occurs at or near the air's wet-bulb temperature rather than the higher dry-bulb temperature. Evaporative cooled chillers have higher efficiency as compared to air-cooled chillers, but still lacks behind water cooled chillers, that have the highest efficiency.

Most of the water-cooled chillers are intended for indoor installation and are cooled by a separate condenser water loop. They are mostly connected to outdoor cooling towers to help in expelling the heat in the atmosphere.

Air cooled and evaporative cooled chillers are mostly intended for outdoor installations and operations. While the air cooled machines are directly cooled from the air that is circulated through the condenser coil of the machine to remove the heat into the atmosphere, evaporate machines have a mist of water that is implemented over the condenser coil in order to help in condenser cooling, which makes the machine much more efficient than the traditional air-cooled machine.

No remote cooling tower is required with either the air cooled, evaporate cooled or water cooled chillers.

Types of chillers

Chilled Water Systems in Delhi are of three main types- centralizes, decentralizes or both. In centralize Water Chiller, a single chiller is used, which serves multiple cooling purposes. In a decentralized one each machine or application has a chiller of its own.

Both, the centralized as well as the decentralized approaches have their advantages. A combination of both is often used if the cooling applications for some applications are the same, but not for all.

Since Decentralized chillers are small in size, their cooling capacity is usually from 0.2 ton to 10 tons. Centralized chillers, on the other hand, are bigger and thus have capacities ranging from ten tons to thousands of tons

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