Cold Storage Compressor in Delhi

Cold Storage Compressor in Delhi

Important considerations for compressed air equipment

With the initiation of winters, you should be prepared for the very cold weather, wherein the ambient temperatures can affect the air system that is compressed. It is very apparent that the temperature below freezing point can affect the cold storage compressor to the great extent.

Thus, a temperature below freezing points can have various adverse effects on the equipment with compressed air; out of which the obvious one is the generation of a condensed air. Freezing of a condensation occurs upon dropping the temperatures below freezing points. The situation can be associated with the various short-term as well as long-term damage to your equipment, including damage to freezing control lines, cracking as well as the freezing of heat exchangers, freezing of drain valves, and still much more. Thus, it is very important for you to be aware of all the effects of cold as well as ambient conditions on compressed air equipment.

Air compressors
• When the ambient temperature is below specified limits, the air compressor oil becomes thick further reducing the lubrication capabilities of the compressors. Besides, thicker oil also needs an extra power to turn on the pump, which can reduce the life of your machine.
• It should be noted that the control lines are never functional on the dry side of the compressed air system, due to which cold temperatures can lead to alteration in the operations of the machine due to the freezing of the control lines.
• Many of the compressors with rotary screw controlling system have an inbuilt alarm system, preventing it from being functional at a very low temperature.

Air Dryers
• Refrigerated air dryers’ function too quickly in case of cold ambient temperatures, because the machine will try to separate moisture and will be converted into ice within the machine itself. This will lead to the internal blockage and cracking of the heat exchanger due to the expansion of the ice.
• The refrigerated dryer equipped with the drainage valve may not be blocked for the passage of air due to the formation of ice, within the same; but it will be definitely blocked for the passage of condensate from draining out. Thus, even though the compressor system is minimizing the air temperature, since the moisture cannot escape out the functional capacity of the dryer becomes ineffective.
• The machine equipped with a desiccant dryer, the wet inlet air can start freezing up inside the drainage itself, causing a severe blockage to the system.
• With the dryers especially desiccant dryers are always associated with freezing of discharge air purge mufflers further restricting or stopping the passage of air flow thus, decreasing the dryer capacity to the considerable extent.

Accessories associated with compressed air system and other components
• All accessories are equipped with the accessories which can remove blockages due to extremely low temperatures; however, it should be noted that thawing of temperatures quickly can lead to the expansion of the freezing water to the point where it can cause permanent damage to the machine. Example of such as expansion can be cracked drainage valves, fractured filter bowls, and compromised pressure ratings of the tank.

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