Choose a compressor when building cold storages

How to choose a compressor when building cold storages?

The compressor is the heart of the entire cold storage system and the essential part of the whole cooling system. Therefore, when building cold storage, compressors have to be chosen reasonably, to guarantee the quality of the cold storage construction. The compressor quality can directly determine the operation of the entire cooling cycle system.

The compressor operates by increasing the gas pressure and maintaining normal gas transmission. Instead, through the specific channels, the prime mover's power is converted into gas pressure to ensure that the distribution mechanism of the entire refrigeration system can function as normal. Due to the wide range of compressors involved in the cold storage process, however, a reasonable and scientifically effective selection cannot damage the complete cold storage cooling cycle system.

  • Water Chiller
  • What are the water chillers, exactly? They are industrial cooling systems that use cold water to produce cool industrial appliances. A condenser, cooling equipment, pipes, coolant, pumps and coolant expansion tank are included in the whole chiller.

    Water Chiller should cool up the water to about 20 degrees Celsius. It is then pumped into the cooling equipment via a hydraulic circuit. In the manufacturing sector, the value of water chillers is crucial.

  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Chilled Water Systems use a water-cooled condenser that is connected to a refrigeration frame. They have been widely used for medium to large installations with an ample supply of water. Because of the relative independence to ambient temperature fluctuations, water-cooled chillers can produce a more constant performance for commercial and industrial air conditioning. Water-cooled chillers range in size from small 20-ton capacity models to several thousand-ton models which cool the largest facilities in the world such as airports, shopping malls and other facilities.

    The water chillers are considered more efficient than the cooling towers, because the chiller system has coolant water in a closed circuit, rather than contacting the air in a tower.

  • Process Chiller
  • A Process Chiller is a thermal device which eliminates heat produced by a particular process. This cooling system leads chilled water repeatedly through a closed-loop to allow increasing process temperatures to decrease. The heated water is then circulated through a chiller unit and is continuously cooled/absorbed by a heat removal process. The cooling effect is compressed by a liquid vaporized throughout this cycle.

    The physical properties of the fluid components are used for cooling by most process chillers.

    There is, therefore, a huge array of high-quality cold storage equipment available and maintained at the modern business and industrial level that ensures that the perishable goods are kept in highest condition.

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