Refrigeration Chiller Manufacturer in India

Refrigeration Chiller Manufacturer in India

Today, every building may it be a residential apartment or corporate premises; needs a proper controlled cooling system that can as well help in air dehumidification. It has been a very crucial installation now days, to minimize dangerous effects of heat generated through certain internal as well as external factors. In this regard, during particular seasons, number of Refrigeration Chiller Manufacturers in India are being contacted for further installation of HAVAC system to minimize temperature and for the add on cooling effects.

External as well as internal factors for heat generation

As proposed earlier, various internal as well as external factors are responsible for production of heat in the environment that can in turn lead to rise in the temperature. This unnecessary temperature raise should be immediately controlled through installation of appropriate chilling unit, which is variable pertaining to its applications.

Some of the external factors that are responsible for raise in outside environmental temperatures are wind, humidity, climatic variations etc. Contrary to which, internal factors can be associated with number of occupants in the building premises, whether building is residential or commercial, equipment’s and lighting inside the building, etc.

Apart from certain specific applications chillers are being used in wide variety of other businesses as well, such as hospitals, hotels, sporting arenas, etc. In fact, statistical analysis has suggested the chiller system to be the single largest consumer of facility usage in many of the facilities. It actually employs a heat transfer device to channelize heat from an internal environment and essentially transfer to another external environment through the application of dehumidifiers.

How does a chiller work?

The chiller usually operates on the basis of vapor compressor as well as vapor absorption system. The designs allow sufficient passage of coolants to the cold side of processed water. The temperature is controlled at 100c for the passage throughout the entire system. While passage of coolant allows easy extraction of molds and machinery while flowing back through the return side of the processed water system.

Type of chillers

Currently two types of chillers are being manufactured commonly, which are either water-cooled chiller or air-cooled chiller.

Water-cooled chillers: Various types of chillers are being used to lower the temperature; however, water-cooled chillers are most commonly and extensively used chillers. The system is mainly used in various industries that require faster cooling of large environment with great efficiency. These types of coolers are widely used in the size range of small 20-ton capacity to several thousand-ton models that are being used for cooling of larger environments like airport, shopping malls and other facilities etc.

Air-cooled chillers: A typical type of air cooled chiller adds on the cooling effect either through inbuilt installation of propelling fan or through the application of mechanical refrigeration cycle that draws ambient air to condense the temperature. An air-cooled chiller uses various compressor systems and the chilling effect is achieved through two of the important processes. The first process allows easy evaporation of liquid refrigerant, which promotes absorption of heat to reduce the temperature to a great extent. The second process runs through the principal of condensation of the refrigerant vapor in the air-cooled condenser and removal of heat from the atmosphere.


In conclusion, chillers are important components of your larger facilities containing HAVAC system, Cooling system, etc. Number of Refrigeration Chiller Manufacturers in India is operational for effective maintenance of the chilling system.

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